Essential party info



  • Masks are required in the Rose Lane car park. They can be removed once the party starts and your guests are sat at tables.

  • Please arrive on time. We have a waiting area for parents that arrive a little early.

  • Please sanitise your hands upon arrival.

  • Normal car parking charges apply - as a small independent business we can't pay for customer's parking.

  • Parents dropping off or collecting their children can do so without charge and without having to visit a pay station if they spend less than 10 minutes in the car park.


  • We will be running table service for your guests. If you'd like a tab for parents' drinks, additional pizzas or fries for parents or siblings, please let us know upon arrival.

  • Unlimited squash is included in your party. From the start till the end of your party the children may have as many drinks as they like. We will be keeping them well hydrated throughout.

  • Pizza is served around an hour after your party start time.  The ratio is 1x 12" pizza to each 3 children (12 children = 4 pizzas).

  • Please let us know asap if any of your guests have allergies. We can offer gluten and dairy free pizza with advance warning. For children that don't like pizza, please check out our menu to see if a suitable alternative is available.

  • You provide the cake and candles. We will wrap the cake and pop it into party bags to be eaten at home.

  • Please don't bring food to be eaten at Labyrinth. We're confident the pizza buffet and ice lollies to follow is enough for most parties, but we offer fries or veg sticks and houmous if you'd like to add more.


  • Phasors are cleaned between games and players required to use sanitiser before playing.

  • Laser tag recommended minimum age is 4 years. Younger siblings can join in at your discretion and responsibility.

  • Our party host will explain how to play and will supervise the arena during the laser games.

  • You are welcome to invite parents to play laser tag. We charge £5 for the hour or £2 per game. Adult players must wear masks - we provide disposables if necessary.

  • In the cafe, Campervan Corner is for 0-4 year olds ONLY. Younger siblings are welcome to attend and play for free in this area.

  • The movie shed provides a chill out zone for kids when they're not playing laser tag, and is also there for younger siblings.

  • Labyrinth's loose toys (play kitchen/market area) will not be out during parties unless requested.


  • The balance for your party and any additional guests can be paid for on the day.